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BlueLight Filter


Bluelight filter app blocks the blue light and prevents associated with blue light diseases. You don't need special screen filter or blue filter glasses, just use our eye protection app!Blue light from your mobile device has negative impact on your health. The effects of blue light are cumulative and can lead to eye diseases like macular degeneration. The latest research shows that long time exposure to blue light before sleep may distort your circadian rhythm and cause inability to fall asleep. Many experts recommend to use special night filters for blocking bluelight.
Good for:★ Night reading★ Children★ Everyone who takes care of your eyes★ Everyone who wants to prevent sleep disorders
Main features:★ Turn On or Off Quickly and Easily★ Bluelight filter strength adjustment★ Color adjustment★ Activating on boot★ Notification bar shortcut to shut down or set up
Draw over other apps: Required for the screen filter to work.Full network access, view network connections: Used for Google AdMob.